Best Cbd Oils For Weight Loss (October

I’ve been trying to research and understand what happened, but I’m finding most medical websites that discuss cannabis induced psychosis are related to long-time users. You’re one of the first stories I’ve heard that experienced CIP on first use, and there are some eerie similarities (e.g. long hard self reflection following years of too much stress).

But I really wasn’t expecting to have such a crazy psychotic/hallucinogenic experience. It was frankly quite frightening and luckily I’m headstrong enough to keep telling myself that it will pass shortly. Can’t imagine how a kid trying this stuff for the first time would react.

My hands were tingling all over and I could “see” the nerves in my arms firing – hard to explain but basically looked like a ton of bright yellow lights firing everywhere. Next, my buddy tried talking to me for what seemed to go for hours. I could comprehend what he was saying but couldn’t respond nor get up. I was basically trapped in my body and hoping this whole high would go away asap. At a certain point, I did find the strength to fall onto the couch.

  • These won’t break your fast, despite what you may have heard.
  • This also affects things such as insulin sensitivity/resistance, which is important for those looking to manage their body weight.
  • Another plus when it comes to electrolyte supplementation, just like with BCAA supplements, is that they are usually flavored with calorie-free sweeteners.
  • Why would L-Tyrosine be effective to take while fasting?
  • Try to stick with once-daily multivitamins if possible for ease of use.

I have been looking for answers as to why he goes from one extreme of feeling like he is always in trouble with the law and infecting others. Sometimes he just stares off, and other times very sexual. It’s a real thing, I just had it happen to me this past weekend.

If it weren’t for the cottonmouth, I honestly would’ve thought I had been roofied b/c my recollection is CBD oil very very hazy and I basically lost an entire day to sleeping in my bed. This was done with someone I trust so 99% sure it wasn’t spiked since I helped the guy grind up the weed and bake the cookies. I’m now pretty hesitant to try weed again after such an experience, it was insane. Would love to hear more about what you experienced while in your psychotic state. Several weeks ago , I got high for the first time and it immediately led to a complete psychotic break that lasted for several days.

I woke up the next day and couldn’t focus, had bad vertigo and horrible cotton mouth. I could barely make out my friend saying he was leaving and this was around 12 hours later at 11am. This time I was able to get up (still couldn’t focus b/c of vertigo) and lay in my own bed. I wake up at 11pm, a full day later and was still “high” ie dizzy with vertigo. Woke up Monday morning in time for work at 9am but still had minor vertigo.

Had some edibles at 11pm on a Saturday night, thought they weren’t doing anything so ate more . Soon I had to sit down and started to lose consciousness.

But this overdose was so powerful it affected me a full hours later. Now granted, this was my first time using it in decades and I probably did waaaaaay too much b/c of edibles.